Kitchen Trends of 2015 – Northern Virginia

The knowledgeable and experienced designers at Evergreen Home Renovations pay very close attention to the trends in kitchen design. It’s very important to us that we are able to show our clients “what’s new and exciting” in the world of kitchen design.  So without further ado, here’s a look at some of our favorites for Spring of 2015.

The large square island is a continuing favorite for those kitchens with adequate space available. This allows for a drawer microwave which is so popular because you can see what stage the cooking is at without actually removing the food.   Deep drawers for pots and pans are preferable to base cabinets and of course this is the perfect location for a prep sink. The trend of mixing light colored cabinetry on the perimeter cabinets and a darker stained or painted island continue to be the number one choice.

The Mantle Cabinet over the cooktop is a lovely way to add character to any kitchen and the “Historic” touch is a nice counterbalance to the more modern Shaker Style Cabinetry. The ledge is a perfect place to display your favorite treasures.

Most of our clients are wanting to remove the bulkhead above the 36” upper cabinets in favor of a taller 42” upper cabinet. Another popular option is the 39” upper with a 3” crown molding. The crown molding adds a touch of character and softens the line between the cabinet and the ceiling.

Light fixtures over the island are always a major consideration since they make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the kitchen. By far and away this year’s favorites are the lantern effects over the island and the circular wheel fixtures over the eating area. In most cases these fixtures feature chain extensions that also lend a historic look and feel.

If you are ready to update your kitchen, please give Evergreen Home Renovations a call at 703-462-3390 or visit our website.  We will be happy to provide you with an obligation-free consultation.


Home Additions in Northern Virginia

One of the best ways to extend your square footage and increase the value of your home is through a well planned home addition. If you feel as though you have outgrown your home, there are a number of home addition possibilities you may want to consider. Whether you would like a one room addition such as a family room or sunroom or a more extensive addition that will modify the existing structure of your home, we at Evergreen Home Renovations can assist you. Our highly qualified staff can provide you with the expert design guidance and inspiration needed to ensure that your home addition meets all of your dreams and expectations.

One of the first decisions you will need to make is whether to add new space, improve the existing space, or utilize unused space such as a basement or an attic.   Regardless of the overall scope of work, a well thought out plan and layout is essential. This is also the perfect time to address any other home improvements that you have been considering since this is most cost effective time to get work done – when the contractors are already there.

Evergreen Home Renovations just completed an addition in Oakton, VA that encompassed reconfiguring a small kitchen and opening it up into a newly added breakfast room complete with sky-light.  Take a look at the “before” photo and the amazing transformation in the “after” photos!

By removing a wall and building a breakfast room addition, the homeowners now have a spacious kitchen with an island that provides them with much needed countertop workspace.

kitchen remodeling in Oakton, VA

BEFORE PHOTO – This small kitchen in Oakton, VA was in need of a refreshed look.









kitchen remodeling in Oakton

AFTER PHOTO – The spacious kitchen now opens up into the new breakfast room addition.

The drawer microwave with a soft close door is well placed and convenient.   The kitchen is personalized by the beautiful pendent lights the homeowners brought back from a recent trip to Italy.

kitchen remodeling

AFTER PHOTO – Beautifully crafted pendant lights were purchased by the homeowner in Italy.

Glass-front upper cabinets are the perfect place for the homeowner’s cookbook collection and they transition the space smoothly to the breakfast room addition.

kitchen remodeling

AFTER PHOTO – Glass-front upper cabinets display cookbooks.

The breakfast room opens seamlessly to the deck making the outdoor space an integral part of the kitchen and breakfast room.

Home Addtion

AFTER PHOTO – The new breakfast room addition looks out to the deck.

The homeowners maximized the renovation by adding a complete renovation of the Powder Room.

Powder Room

AFTER PHOTO – The homeowners opted to update their powder room at the same time.

The wall mounted faucet adds a perfect “eclectic” touch to the Powder Room.

Powder Room faucet

AFTER PHOTO – Beautiful wall-mounted faucet enhances the powder room.

If you have any questions about this project or would like a complimentary consultation for your own home addition, please give Evergreen Home Renovations a call at 703-462-3390.

The Cost of Remodeling a Kitchen

Of all the residential renovation projects, remodeling the Kitchen can be the smartest money a homeowner spends.  Delivering the most bang for the buck, the ROI (return on investment) for the kitchen can be as high as 80 – 85%. At Evergreen Home Rehab, we tell our clients the first step in remodeling the kitchen is to establish the budget.  Every project is unique, and the costs can vary depending on the budget and the homeowner’s priorities.  For instance, you could do a minor redo for approx. $6,000 whereas a large upscale kitchen could easily exceed $75,000.  Generally, materials account for almost 80% of the overall budget, so the good news is the homeowner is driving the bus when it comes to expenses.

Designed by Hendel Homes

The Cost of Renovating your kitchen can vary greatly, but here is a basic breakdown of the typical remodeling expenses, plus some ideas on when to splurge and when to save. The largest expense in a kitchen renovation is almost always the cabinets, accounting for about 30% of the overall budget.  Next on the list of expenses should be the appliances, which will come in around 15%.  Once these two items are chosen, the rest of the selections such as countertops, flooring and plumbing fixtures will fall into place more easily .  Since products represent such a large percentage of the overall budget, a Kitchen Renovation offers the best opportunity to exert cost control. When selecting cabinets, make sure to weigh the difference between a “stock cabinet” or “semi-custom” cabinet against a custom cabinetry option.  If you choose the semi-custom, then the boxes (the part you do not see) will be constructed of plywood but you will have the option for a solid wood cabinet door.  The semi-custom arrives much faster and will save thousands on the budget.  Countertops are not a great area for savings and they are a make or break component in the design of a kitchen renovation.  Make sure the budget will allow for either granite countertops or an equivalent such as quartz.  The most popular quartz brands are Silestone, Cambria, Zodiaq and Caesarstone.

Designed by ProBuild
At Evergreen Home Rehab, we offer a “No Obligation” consultation.  Our experienced Design Consultants will help you design your dream kitchen while staying within your budget.

What does a Bathroom Remodel Cost

If a bathroom is on your home redo agenda, then here are some helpful things to consider (as well as some ways to save and splurge) as you calculate the cost of remodeling your bathroom.  You may want to update the look, increase the resale value of your home, add functionality or add some extra storage. Simple Enough.

But the scope of the project depends on a variety factors, most of all budget.  At Evergreen Home Rehab, we believe that budget is always the best place to start- weighing all the factors, your must haves and the things you cannot live without.  The budget is tied closely to the design so the first question to ask yourself is:

Designed by CCForteza

Does the current layout work best, without moving the fixtures around?  This is the most affordable renovation, often referred to as the “Pull and Replace”, and basically replaces old fixtures with new ones.  Average Cost Range 11,000 – 15,000

Designed by Avalon Interiors

A Semi Custom renovation typically allows for the removal of a wall or added cabinetry options.  Average Cost Range 14,000 -19,000

Designed by Mosaic Architects SF

A Full Custom Renovation, often reserved for the Master Bath, will allow for complete layout changes and replacement of all the fixtures.  Average Cost Range  22,000 -39,000

ADA/Aging in Place Bathroom Renovation

Whether you are considering Bathroom remodeling to accommodate aging in place, or actual wheelchair needs there are many products to help you achieve your goals.

The first consideration should of course be “removing the barriers”.  A linear drain instead of the traditional “curb” is the perfect solution.  No curb means there is nothing to trip over and of course a wheelchair can roll in with ease.

16e047310ba363237ca12aa9dba36e68Notice in the above picture, the easy to reach controls to turn the shower on and the positioning of the grab bar, for added security.  The open shelves provide easy access to towels and toiletries.

Added support in strategic locations is not only an added safety measure, but a wonderful component of the overall design.  The toilet paper dispenser is not only functional, but has an integrated grab bar.


There are many options available for vanity design to allow for a wheelchair if need be.  This photo shows a vanity example with an abundance of storage while still allowing wheelchair access.



Five Elements of a Successful Deck Renovation

1.  Material Choice

If you are considering a deck renovation or replacement, you will want to research all of the options to find just the right materials to use.  Pressure-treated lumber has taken a backseat to a variety of deck material options available to homeowners.  Many of the new decking products come with lengthy material warranties against fading and they generally resist staining and mildew.

Azek manufactures a great product for those who prefer a PVC based deck material.  This manufacturer features a color coordinated screw head, which makes the fastener barely visible.  Azek also offers a variety of accessories such as benches with planters and “in deck” built-in storage containers.

Fiberon is another popular example of a composite deck material.  One of the best features with this selection is a reversible deck board.  The ability to use both sides saves on cut and waste.

Trex is another industry leader in decking materials.  This manufacturer offers a material, which is made from reclaimed wood and sawdust as well as recycled plastic packaging.  Trex features a hidden fastener system between the boards, which means no surface penetration.  Trex is the most environmentally positive choice, made from 95% recycled material, and offers realistic texture and colors.

This is an example of a composite decking material with planter benches.

This is an example of a composite decking material with planter benches.

2.  Built-in Seating  

Consider a built-in bench to extend the seating capacity of your deck.  Whether you construct the bench from the same material as the deck or a complementary stone or brick – additional seating is always a plus!


A curved, built-in bench offers plenty of seating around the stone fire pit.

3.  Mixed Materials  

The professional designers, at Evergreen Home Rehab, frequently combine different colors of deck materials for added visual interest.  Another popular design element is to incorporate dark aluminum balusters to give the railing added contrast and visual impact.


This designer deck combines three different material colors for visual appeal.

4.  Lighting  

Renovation time provides the perfect opportunity to add lighting.  Popular choices are task lighting for the BBQ grill, newel post caps and stair risers.  The added lighting will create ambiance and provide an additional safety feature.

Lights on each riser create ambiance and assist in safety.

Lights on each riser create ambiance and assist in safety.

5.  Fire and Water  

In addition to furniture, why not consider the Zen elements of fire and water.  The soft relaxing sounds of a water feature or fountain, or perhaps the calming sense of serenity of an open fire, are perfect finishing touches to any deck!

Zen design element.

Zen design element.


Buying a Home- What to Upgrade

“Simple Stair Updates”

Purchasing an existing home generally raises the question – What should be updated first?  Kitchens and baths historically rank highest on the list of remodeling projects, but increasingly homeowners are turning their attention to the staircase.

The staircase is usually original to the home and is almost always in a very visible and central location. This creates the perfect opportunity for modernizing and adding a personal sense of style to the home.

Any discussion of stairs should start with an understanding of stair terminology:



Square or turned spindle-like vertical stair member.


The handrail provides safety and support while going up or down the stairs.

Newel Post

The main post at the start of the stairs or at the intersection of the railings.

Homeowners are moving away from the ultra traditional staircases of yesterday and are trending toward choices that provide cleaner lines and more visually open spaces.  The following are just a few examples of some of the most popular choices.


Stainless Steel Cable Rail

Clean and contemporary, the cables do not create a visual block, the resulting effect – the room appears much larger.  New stair railings are also a nice add-on to a basement remodel, in the case of multi-level homes, like the examples above.

Nonie Strike Glass 6-15-12 (8)

Wood Handrail/Safety Glass Combo

The safety glass keeps the space uncomplicated and visually open.  The wood handrail unifies the staircase to the existing stairs creating a wonderful transitional look.  Kitty is obviously a fan!


Cable Rail/Wood Handrail

The combination of elements blends old and new.  The handrail can be stained to match the existing floor.

At Evergreen Home Rehab, our professional designers can help you design just the right combination for your home.  Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised at how affordable and fast a stair project can be. Call us at 703-462-3390 to discuss your next home remodeling project!